malletKAT 8.5 Pro: 3-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller with gigKAT

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Model: 00357734

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The malletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller. It incorporates the same FSR technology as all of the KAT instruments, delivering superb feel and response. With 127 factory setups designed to work with general MIDI sound modules and 127 programmable user setups and features like splitting, layering, poly/mono, “hang” modes and more, the malletKAT is an incredibly expressive and powerful alternative to traditional marimba and vibraphone instruments. All malletKAT 8.5 user kits are preprogrammed for the brand new gigKAT 2 module for instant turn key operation but can also be modified by the user.

The gigKAT 2 has 256 voices of polyphony and can play simultaneously on all 16 MIDI channels. Finally, you can leave the computer home! Everything is done for you. Just call up the user kit on the malletKAT and enjoy. Included in the sound set are many vibes, marimbas, timpani, steel pan, chimes, bells, xylophone, crotales and orchestral and Latin hand percussion and drum sets. The gigKAT 2 also provides hundreds of non-percussion sounds, like pianos, basses, guitars, strings, horns, organs and electric pianos. You are only limited by your own imagination. There has never been a module like this before.

Features include:

• Clambusters – to help silence the occasional “missed note”

• Two independent MIDI outs allow MIDI routing to synths and computer separately

• Standard 5-pin MIDI cable – for direction connection to your external synth or audio card

• Sustain pedal

• Footswitch for configuring your personal sound directly on the MalletKAT

• PitPads – a sturdy, protective surface to prolong the life of your pads

• Unit Dimensions: 47″ x 11″ x 2.5″; Unit Weight: 15 lbs.

• 127 user kits inside the malletKAT can be pre-configured for immediate use.


Publisher: KAT Percussion
Medium: General Merchandise
Length: .00 in.
Width: .00 in.
Series: Kat Electronics

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