WoodTones Aux Cable: Stereo Audio Cable, Plugs Jacketed with Real Dark

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Model: 00123981

UPC: 685387370238

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Real wood and really great audio go together. That's why Griffin makes the exceptionally great-sounding and great-looking WoodTones earphones. And you can have audio cables that match. The enclosures around these cable connectors, generously sized for easy grip, are fashioned from real walnut wood. Wood from walnut trees, long prized in the making of fine furniture, gunstocks, and decorative pieces, encloses the cable connectors with its distinctive wood grain and rich, dark coloring. Between the gold-plated connectors, three feet of smooth, supple, black TPE-coated cable resists kinking and tangling. This great-looking auxiliary audio cable allows direct connection from your player's headphone or line-out jack to your stereo's AUX-in. Use it with your iPod, iPhone, iPad, other media player, or anything with a headphone or 1/8″ audio jack. The cable comes with its own drawstring carrying pouch made of natural hemp fiber. Each WoodTones cable is a one-of-a-kind artifact with individual woodgrain and natural wood coloring polished to a soft satin finish.


Publisher: Griffin Technology
Publication Date: 10/2013
Medium: General Merchandise
Length: 6.00 in.
Width: 2.25 in.
Series: Griffin
Format: Walnut