Snark Daisy Chain Adapter (SA-2): 1-to-5 Daisy Chain Power Cable for 9


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Model: 00364376

UPC: 611820001575

Master Carton Qty: 10

List $9.95

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The Snark SA-2 daisy chain is intended for use with the Snark SA-1 power supply. This 9-volt daisy chain is equipped with five plugs, and can provide power for up to five pedals simultaneously. If you've got a Snark SA-1 power supply, get the most out of it with the Snark SA-2 daisy chain power cable.


Manufacturer: Snark Tuners
Manufacturer Code: SA-2 SNARK
Format: General Merchandise
Length: .00 in.
Width: .00 in.
Series: Evets Snark Tuners