Model 12: All-in-One Production Mixer for Music and Multimedia Creator


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Model: 00346073

UPC: 043774034499

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The Model 12 is a compact all-in-one integrated mixer designed for music and multimedia creators, songwriters and performers. Features include TASCAM's critically acclaimed multi-track recorder, USB audio/MIDI interface, DAW control functions, and unique podcasting capability including mix-minus and smartphone inputs. The Model 12 supports your creative process, production, and workflow from start to finish including podcasting.

Features include:

• 12-track multi-track recording with 10 track playback

• 12-in/10-out USB audio interface for DAW connectivity

• DAW control integration

• Click output with TAP TEMPO

• Onboard MIDI functionality

• Podcast your latest music and live performances to your fan base

• All-in-one production from recording to mastering

• Pristine audio quality

• Compact size with plenty of inputs

• Versatile routing for perfecting your mix

• Dual headphone monitor


Publisher: TASCAM
Publication Date: 03/2020
Medium: Audio Interface Unit
Length: 18.50 in.
Width: 15.50 in.
Series: TASCAM of America