Commoner 2.0 Music Stand (with Carrying Bag)

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Model: 00291192

UPC: 617933777307

Master Carton Qty: 10

List $64.99

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This piece of top-notch gear is anything but normal, rocking industry-class durability, a shoulder-friendly aluminum desk, sharp-looking paint job, and classic no-frills portability. Newly redesigned with Portastand's Superior Pro Clutch tripod system and rugged carry bag, the Commoner 2.0's twenty-inch-wide desk is large enough for 2-3 full pages of sheet music – all while clocking in at just 5 pounds in the bag. And best yet, the Commoner 2.0 maintains compatibility with Portastand accessories.


Publisher: Portastand
Publication Date: 03/2019
Medium: General Merchandise
Length: 13.50 in.
Width: 20.25 in.
Series: PortaStand

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