Choral Conductor's Guide to the Performance of Latin American Rhythms

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Latin American music is HOT! However, choral conductors and singers alike often struggle with the complex rhythms that make the music so unique and electrifying. Now, noted conductor and Latin American choral music scholar, Willilam Belan, has created a multimedia CD-ROM that demystifies and simplifies the basic skeletal structures of over thirty main Latin American rhythms and provides embedded audio recordings of each specific rhythm. In addition to historical and cultural background, Belan also discusses traditional and alternate instrumentation ideas and repertoire suggestions for each rhythm.


Publisher: Gentry Publications
Publication Date: 01/2013
Credits: William Belan/Robert Fernandez/Foreword by Cristian Grases
Length: 7.25 in.
Width: 5.25 in.
Series: Gentry Publications
Format: CD-ROM
ISBN: 1495078698
Voicing: CD-ROM