Baby Bottle SL

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Model: 00214949

UPC: 836213001134

Master Carton Qty: 10

List $399.00

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The Baby Bottle's unique sonic signature has a rich and present midrange response, a smooth top-end and neutral bottom-end creating an extremely present classic and contemporary sound. It is an ideal choice for recording vocals, room mixing for drums, electric guitar amps, and difficult brass instrument sources like saxophones and horns. With a unique proprietary circuit polarizing the capsule film at 100 volts, the Baby Bottle yields large output, creating the quietest microphone in its class. Includes wooden case, pop filter, and shock mount.


Publisher: Blue
Publication Date: 04/2017
Medium: General Merchandise
Length: 11.50 in.
Width: 8.75 in.
Series: Blue Microphones

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